Consultative Selling Advanced, Sixth Edition: The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels

  • Hardcover: 230 pages
  • Publisher: American Management Association; 6th Rev edition (May 1, 1999)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0814405037

This is the classic sales book that has boosted profits–for salespeople and for their customers–for more than two decades!

In this sixth edition, Mack Hanan continues the theme he has brought to thousands of sales reps: You are no longer a vendor, out to sell a customer a product; you are a consultant, out to help your client’s business grow. New topics include how to:

* make the switch from “vending” to “consultative selling” while under pressure to make quota each quarter * break past the purchasing “gatekeepers” and get to the managers, who can be partnered with value-based propositions * apply Consultative Selling strategies to government sales (where profits are irrelevant and there will always be a lower-price bidder) * involve the value-added resellers who are key players in your go-to-market strategy, so you can present a united front for customers.