Symbian for Software Leaders : Principles of successful smartphone development projects

Publisher Wiley
Author(s) David Wood
ISBN 0470016833
Release Date 26 August 2005

As a co-founder of Symbian and former executive of Psion Software, David Wood has been actively involved in well over 100 smartphone development projects worldwide. Over the time spent on these projects, he has come to understand the key issues which determine the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects for Symbian OS. This book highlights and explains:

* How to tame the awesome inner complexity of smartphone technology
* Optimal project team organisation, combining agility and reliability
* The design and the philosophy behind key features of Symbian OS
* The potential trouble spots of smartphone integration, testing, and optimisation
* How to receive the full benefit of the diverse skills in the extensive Symbian partner ecosystem
* The methods that are most likely to deliver commercial success when using Symbian OS
* The wider significance of Symbian OS skills and expertise in the evolving mobile marketplace
* The particular importance of software leaders in bringing breakthrough smartphone products to the market

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