Symbian OS Internals : Real-time Kernel Programming

Publisher John Wiley and Sons
Author(s) Jane Sales
ISBN 0470025247
Release Date 16 December 2005

Take a look inside Symbian OS with an under-the-hood view of Symbian’s revolutionary new real-time smartphone kernel

* Describes the functioning of the new real-time kernel, which will become ubiquitious on Symbian OS phones in the next 5-10 years
* Will benefit the base-porting engineer by providing a more solid understanding of the OS being ported
* Contains an in-depth explanation of how Symbian OS drivers work. Device drivers have changed considerably with the introduction of a single code - this book helps those converting them to the new kernel
* The book has broad appeal and is relevant to all who work with Symbian OS at a low level, whatever Symbian OS they are targeting
* Written by the engineers who actually designed and built the real-time kernel

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