Deploying Solutions With .NET Enterprise Servers

This book has been written from the perspective of the solutions that developers may need to create. The .NET Enterprise Servers are the tool, not the solution. In reality, the solution may require multiple applications that work together to fulfill the developer’s business need. This book is designed to help readers recognize how they can better fulfill their business needs with the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers.This book is unique in the breadth of topics covered. Each of the .NET Enterprise Servers is described in some depth.

The book assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of the products and some of their features.

The book focuses on how each product enhances or uses the .NET services and how it will help solve business process requirements.

This book is designed to help readers see Microsoft’s vision for the .NET Enterprise Servers. Examples illustrate how each of these servers can be used to help create business solutions.


  • Chapter 01 - Introduction to the .NET Framework
  • Chapter 02 - .NET Business Solutions
  • Chapter 03 - Role of .NET Enterprise Servers
  • Chapter 04 - .NET Services for the Development Environment
  • Chapter 05 - XML Integration with .NET Servers
  • Chapter 06 - Building .NET Components
  • Chapter 07 - Exchange Server
  • Chapter 08 - SQL Server 2000
  • Chapter 09 - Application Center 2000
  • Chapter 10 - Commerce Server
  • Chapter 11 - Content Management Server
  • Chapter 12 - BizTalk Server
  • Chapter 13 - SharePoint Portal Server
  • Chapter 14 - Internet Security and Acceleration Server
  • Chapter 15 - Web Services with .NET
  • Chapter 16 - Building Enterprise Web Farms
  • Chapter 17 - Data Warehousing
  • Chapter 18 - Clustering .NET Servers