Beginning C sharp 3.0

  • Paperback: 523 pages

  • Data: May 12, 2008

  • Format: PDF

Description: Beginning C# is a book that offers a lot of guidance, in a format that readers find intuitive to follow. The exercise-based format of the Wrox Beginning series has a strong following by all levels of readers, and is one that works very well in the classroom or home. Written by a veteran programming instructor, this is the perfect mix of tutorial, and hands-on coding new programmers are looking for - written from their point of view.

Beginning C# is written for those readers with no prior programming experience who want a thorough, yet easy to understand, introduction to C# and Object Oriented Programming. Dr. Purdum uses his 25 years of teaching experience to teach readers:
The C# syntax and concepts of Object Oriented Programming.

How to design and write C# programs that are functional and embody safe programming practices

Tried and true tricks of the trade, from design concepts to debugging aids
And all of these goals are done in an easy-to-read and enjoyable manner
and much more. Complete source code, examples, and discussion forms available at