End To End Network Security

Defense-in-Depth is a phrase that is often used and equally misunderstood. This book gives an excellent overview of what this really means and, more importantly, how to apply certain principles to develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

After you have assimilated the content of this book, you will have a solid understanding of several aspects of security. The author begins with an overview of the basics then provides comprehensive methodologies for preparing for and reacting to security incidents and, finally, illustrates a unique framework for managing through the lifecycle of security known as SAVE. Also provided are various Defense-in-Depth strategies covering the most current advanced technologies utilized for protecting information assets today. Equally as important are the case studies which provide the reader with real-world examples of how to put these tools, processes, methodologies, and frameworks to use.

Within these pages, you will find many practical tools both process related and technology related that you can draw on to improve your risk mitigation strategies. The most effective security programs combine attention to both deeply technical issues and business process issues. The author clearly demonstrates that he grasps the inherent challenges posed by combining these disparate approaches, and he conveys them in an approachable style. You will find yourself not only gaining valuable insight from End-to-End Network Security, but also returning to its pages to ensure you are on target in your endeavors.

Anyone interested in network security should become familiar with the information included in this book—from network and security engineers to management and executives. This book covers not only numerous technical topics and scenarios, but also covers a wide range of operational best practices in addition to risk analysis and threat modeling.

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End To End Network Security